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I know it's briefly mentioned at but if you just follow the Quick Start Guide you won't see that FeedParser is required until you're encountered with the traceback. What would be even better is if you added the following to your



install_requires = [ 'feedparser', ] }}}

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner
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    Hi, this is also mentioned in the install guide:

    But you are right, django-admin-tools should work "out-of-the-box".

    Unfortunately the install_require won't work when installing the package from distutils (it's setuptools specific), and AFAIK there's no portable way to specify deps. Anyway, I think the feedparser module should be optional, not everybody want to display feeds in the dashboard.

    What I could do is to change the default dashboard so it just skip the feed module if feedparser is not installed and throw a warning, something like:

    the default dashboard has a feed module but feedparser is not installed on your system, 
    please install it if you want this module to work.

    What do you think ?

    Thanks !

    -- David

  2. f4nt reporter

    Good points. Honestly, I'd just slap a notice in the Quick Start Guide somewhere. That's where I went to install/setup the app, and it would have been a quicker start if I had known Feedparser was needed :) The warning method is nice too though, whichever you think works best. Either way, you've done a kickass job with this, finally the admin looks slick.

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