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Quick start guide

Before installing django-admin-tools, you'll need to have a copy of Django already installed. For the |version| release, Django 1.1 or newer is required.

Installing django-admin-tools

There are several ways to install django-admin-tools, this is explained in :ref:`the installation section <installation>`.

For the impatient, the easier method is to install django-admin-tools via easy_install or pip.

Using easy_install, type:

easy_install -Z django-admin-tools

Note that the -Z flag is required, to tell easy_install not to create a zipped package; zipped packages prevent certain features of Django from working properly.

Using pip, type:

pip install django-admin-tools

Basic configuration

For a more detailed guide on how to configure django-admin-tools, please consult :ref:`the configuration section <configuration>`.

Required settings

First make sure you have the following template context processors installed:


Then, add the django-admin-tools modules to the INSTALLED_APPS like this:

    # ...other installed applications...


it is very important that you put the admin_tools modules before the django.contrib.admin module, because django-admin-tools overrides the default django admin templates, and this will not work otherwise.

django-admin-tools is modular, so if you want to disable a particular module, just remove or comment it in your INSTALLED_APPS.

Setting up the django-admin-tools media files

To do this you have two options:

  • create a symbolic link to the django-admin-tools media files to your MEDIA_ROOT directory, for example:

    ln -s /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/admin_tools/media/admin_tools /path/to/yourproject/media/
  • copy the django-admin-tools media files to your MEDIA_ROOT directory, for example:

    cp -r /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/admin_tools/media/admin_tools /path/to/yourproject/media/

Testing your new shiny admin interface

Congrats ! at this point you should have a working installation of django-admin-tools, now you can just login to your admin site and see what changed.

django-admin-tools if fully customizable, but this is out of the scope of this quickstart, to learn how to customize django-admin-tools modules please read :ref:`the customization section<customization>`.