`msgfmt --check`-like checks by polib

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Transifex Sysadmin
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msgfmt has this --check option which checks stuff that "break" po files (and builds of software using these PO files). Examples are different number of %s's between msgid and msgstr.


It'd be cool if polib could check for these things. It's really important for Transifex, since a translator using our web translator could lose all his work this way.

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner
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    just an update on this issue. I've briefly looked at the gettext documentation and what --check does is:

    • check-format : this is going a bit complicated to implement I think (I'm not sure what it really does),
    • check-header: this will be more trivial,
    • check-domain : I guess this is not relevant for polib.

    So the plan would be to add a POFile.check() method that would call POFile.check_format() and POFile.check_header().

    I'm still very busy on other things, do you guys at indifex can work on a patch for this ? I'll be happy to integrate it.

    -- David

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