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Issue #39 resolved

please add __init__.py to root hg directory

Sorin Sbarnea
created an issue

Please add __init__.py to root of hg repository so we can clone the repository directly and just import the library and use it.

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  1. Sorin Sbarnea reporter

    Let me explain the use case, you have your own project which is using the polib library and you want to include it as part of your project (to ease development, ....).

    myprog/ myprog/.hg myprog/contrib/polib myprog/contrib/polib/.hg

    In this case you can add polib as a subrepository in mercurial and take the advantage of checking out only your project, as the subrepositories will be checkout by themselves.

    Currently the only thing that is preventing this usage is the missing init.py

    If you have concerns regarding usage of trunk of the lib on other projects, you should know that subrepository functionality in mercurial with tight myproj changesets to specific versions of the subrepository (polib), which means that a specific changeset will always have the same version of polib.

    As you know mercurial does not have partial clones.

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