1. Jordan Samuel
  2. PASTE


This is Paste (In Development)

Paste is forked from the original source pastebin.com used before it was bought. The original source is available from the previous owner's GitHub repository

If you would like to contribute to developing Paste please feel free to find me on IRC.

A demo of Paste is available on our homepage at SourceForge


Requirements: Apache + PHP + MySQL or PostgreSQL

Installer (In Development)

  • Create a database for PASTE.
  • Upload all files to a webfolder
  • Point your browser to http://yourpas.te/installation/install
  • Input some settings, copy & paste the generated config into config.php, DELETE the install folder and you're ready to go.

Manual Install

  • Create a database for PASTE.
  • Add the tables to the database (located in sql files, match the file to your DB software)
  • Edit config.edit.php and rename to config.php

The configuration file is pretty well documented (config.php) so you shouldn't have any problems with it.

Any bugs can be reported at: http://bitbucket.org/j-samuel/paste/issues/new/

You can find support on IRC by connecting to irc.collectiveirc.net in channel #PASTE

TODO (for version 2)

  • Integrate an admin panel (delete user pastes, manage site configuration) and a user dashboard (user registration, insights, modify/delete pastes [...]
  • Add ability to comment on pastes
  • Trends, archive, raw, stats & search pages
  • Social integration (create accounts with Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Create an installer


Paul Dixon (blog.dixo.net) for developing the original pastebin.com

Roberto Rodríguez (roberto.rodriguez.pino[AT]gmail.com) for PostgreSQL support.

Themes were built using jQuery & Twitter Bootstrap and various jQuery plugins for present and future features, but we do try to keep it bloat free. Icons are provided by FontAwesome.