Python 2.5+
        beautiful soup (3.0.x)
    MySQL 5.x 
    Gearman (recommended: c version 0.13)
        if you build w/ the virtual env below be sure to build and configure
        w/ a line something like this: 
            ./configure --prefix=/path/all/the/way/to/the/virt/ --with-lib-prefix=/opt/local && make
                                                                    |----> needed this if you installed libevent funny on osx

The above should be achievable on osx/win32/etc but development/testing so far is on linux.

--- virtual env ---
you can create a new virtual enviroment for this project w/ the following: 

   pip install -s -E virt -r requirements.txt
   source virt/bin/activate

   if you do this and you install gearman via source you will have to "make install" each time you rm the virt dir

if you don't have pip: 

   easy_install pip