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Python Client for FlowDock API

This is a simple client and command-line utility to inject messages into the FlowDock API for publishing on the Team Inbox.


import flowdock
fdclient = flowdock.FlowDock(
    app_name='Your app name (defaults to "Python FlowDock")', 
    project='Defaults to nothing')'', 'Subject of your post', '<p>HTML body for your post</p>')

You can override module-level constants to avoid having to specify the flowdock.FlowDock arguments every time:


If you do this, you can use an even shorter method:

import flowdock'', 'Subject of your post', '<p>HTML body for your post</p>')

Other optional keyword arguments to post()

  • from_name - a human-readable name to go along with the from_address
  • tags - a list of strings to tag this post with
  • link - a URL to associate with this post

Django integration

If you are loading the library from within a Django project, you can put the following settings in your and python-flowdock will use them as defaults:


This means that the method will also use these defaults.

Command-line utility: influx

This library also ships with a command-line utility called "influx" that leverages the library. Pass your message content through stdin.

Usage: influx [options]

An API Client for FlowDock

  --api-key=API_KEY     The API key for the FlowDoc API
  --app-name=APP_NAME   The application name to post as
                        An email address to send the post from
                        The real name associated with the email address
  --subject=SUBJECT     The subject of the post
  --project=PROJECT     The human-readable identifier for more detailed
  --tag=TAGS            One argument for each tag to tag this post with
  --link=LINK           A URL to associate with this post
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit