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-Changes between 2.3.0 and
+Changes between 2.3.0 and 2.3.1
 - fix issue202 - fix regression: using "self" from fixture functions now
 - fix issue202 - better automatic names for parametrized test functions
 - fix issue139 - introduce @pytest.fixture which allows direct scoping
-  and parametrization of funcarg factories.  Introduce new @pytest.setup
-  marker to allow the writing of setup functions which accept funcargs.
+  and parametrization of funcarg factories. 
 - fix issue198 - conftest fixtures were not found on windows32 in some
   circumstances with nested directory structures due to path manipulation issues
 - fix issue193 skip test functions with were parametrized with empty
 - introduce re-ordering of tests by resource and parametrization setup
   which takes precedence to the usual file-ordering
 - fix issue185 monkeypatching time.time does not cause pytest to fail
-- fix issue172 duplicate call of pytest.setup-decoratored setup_module
+- fix issue172 duplicate call of pytest.fixture decoratored setup_module
 - fix junitxml=path construction so that if tests change the
   current working directory and the path is a relative path

File doc/en/announce/release-2.3.1.txt

+pytest-2.3.1: fix regression with factory functions
+pytest-2.3.1 is a quick follow-up release:
+- fix issue202 - regression with fixture functions/funcarg factories:  
+  using "self" is now safe again and works as in 2.2.4.  Thanks 
+  to Eduard Schettino for the quick bug report.
+- disable pexpect pytest self tests on Freebsd - thanks Koob for the 
+  quick reporting
+- fix/improve interactive docs with --markers
+for general information.  To install or upgrade pytest:
+    pip install -U pytest # or
+    easy_install -U pytest
+holger krekel
+Changes between 2.3.0 and 2.3.1
+- fix issue202 - fix regression: using "self" from fixture functions now
+  works as expected (it's the same "self" instance that a test method
+  which uses the fixture sees)
+- skip pexpect using tests ( mostly) on freebsd* systems
+  due to pexpect not supporting it properly (hanging)
+- link to web pages from --markers output which provides help for
+  pytest.mark.* usage.

File testing/

 def test_default_markers(testdir):
     result = testdir.runpytest("--markers")
-        "*skipif(*conditions)*skip*",
-        "*xfail(*conditions, reason=None, run=True)*expected failure*",
+        "*skipif(*condition)*skip*",
+        "*xfail(*condition, reason=None, run=True)*expected failure*",