Miscellaneous UIBK-Scripts

This is a collections of scripts used to interface with various systems of the University of Innsbruck, e.g. the course catalogue, OLAT, or varius automated E-Mails.

  • propra unpack - Unpack a task submissions archive from the archive tool on OLAT
  • grades - Convert points to fractional grades, e.g. 13 pts ---> 1.3 ("very good" with a tendency to just "good")
  • olat users to shell array - Convert an excel sheet (.xls) containing the member list of an OLAT course to a shell array
  • next course - Get the next date of the given course from the .ical files on the university website and generate rules for task submission visibility for use with OLAT.
  • colloq to ical - Convert mail about the physics colloquium to an .ical file
  • tirolian last name - Generate more or less reallistiaclly sounding tyrolian last names

See comments in the individual files for more details.

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