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A Markdown file-based CMS.

Check out the starter video, or read the wiki for in-depth documenation.


This project is based on Pico CMS v0.8 by Gilbert Pellegrom.

The desire to fork the project from Pico, came when a few community members wanted to contribute more and increase the rate of development progress.

Note: Plugins for Pico are not interchangeable with Phile.

Why use this over Pico?

Here is a small list of differences in design from Pico:

  • OOP based (classes)
  • Events system
  • Parser Overloading
  • Template Engine Overloading
  • PSR-0 Compliant
  • Uses Composer
Performance with only three pages:


  • Pico Startpage 180ms
  • Pico Sub Page Index 117ms
  • Pico Sub Page 152ms


  • Phile Startpage 120ms
  • Phile Sub Page Index 83ms
  • Phile Sub Page 85ms
Performance with 20 pages:


  • Pico Startpage 250ms
  • Pico Sub Page Index 203ms
  • Pico Sub Page 237ms


  • Phile Startpage 121ms
  • Phile Sub Page Index 80ms
  • Phile Sub Page 84ms

Webgrind Profiling

Pico Results

Phile Results


Help make Phile better by checking out the GitHub repoistory and submitting pull requests.

If you find a bug please report it on the issues page.

If you create a plugin please add it to the Plugin Wiki.

Recent activity

Jacob Moen

Jacob Moen pushed 1 commit to jacmoe/jacmoes

2d259e4 - Lots of changes. Mainly related to logic but also bringing the site to a finished state.
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