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 Description: Jacmoes is the personal home page of Jacob Moen where he writes about programming in C++ and PHP, using technologies as the 3d rendering library Ogre3D, Yii framework and more. It is also a place for personal rants and observations about programming and life in general.
 Keywords: Jacob, Moen, Jacob Moen, jacmoe, Ogre3d, Yii, PHP, programming, C++, Ogitor, Bugitor
 ogimage: siteimage.png
- -->
+Date: 2013/01/05 03:43:00
 Busy setting up a new version of my homepage, so there will be wet paint in many places.
 And even content missing. :)
-Check out the [blog](/blog "Blog") in the meantime, if you please. Even if it's incomplete right now, at least you can check the progress.
+**Latest blog post:**
+<div class="row" style="display: block;">
+                <div class="large-2 columns small-3">
+                  <div><br></div>
+                  <a class="th" href="blog/2013/january/how-to-send-emails-with-msmtp-on-windows-or-linux-or-mac-os-x">
+                    <img src="http://www.jacmoe.dk/content/images/email-at-work%20(Custom).jpg" title="How to send emails with msmtp on Windows or Linux or Mac OS X" alt="How to send emails with msmtp on Windows or Linux or Mac OS X">
+                  </a>
+                </div>
+                <div class="large-10 columns">
+                      <h4><a href="blog/2013/january/how-to-send-emails-with-msmtp-on-windows-or-linux-or-mac-os-x">How to send emails with msmtp on Windows or Linux or Mac OS X</a></h4>
+                      <span class="post-date"><em>January 3rd, 2013</em></span><br><br>
+                                            <p>When you are a developer it is often useful to be able to send emails from your local machine without having to install an email server like sendmail. This example uses PHP and a Gmail account.</p>
+                      <!-- <p>
-Take care ;)
+Sometimes you need to just be able to send emails, without having to install a full-fledged email server and/or use a dedicated library, like Swiftmailer  or PHPMailer   (assuming, of course, that you use PHP - otherwise insert your favorite email library here).
+The send function in PHP uses s...</p> -->
+                      <a href="blog/2013/january/how-to-send-emails-with-msmtp-on-windows-or-linux-or-mac-os-x" title="How to send emails with msmtp on Windows or Linux or Mac OS X" class="button tiny rounded">Read More</a>
+                </div>
+              <hr>

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         <!-- Left Nav Section -->
         <ul class="right">
           {% for page in pages %}
+            {% if page.meta.title == 'Jacmoes Cyber Soapbox' %}
+              <li {% if current_page.url == "/index" %}class="active"{% endif %}><a href="/">Home</a></li>
+            {% endif %}
             {# make sure we are not loading any pages with a post template #}
             {% if page.meta.title != 'Jacmoes Cyber Soapbox' %}
               {% if page.meta.template != 'post' %}