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///    ___   ____ ___ _____ ___  ____
///   / _ \ / ___|_ _|_   _/ _ \|  _ \
///  | | | | |  _ | |  | || | | | |_) |
///  | |_| | |_| || |  | || |_| |  _ <
///   \___/ \____|___| |_| \___/|_| \_\
/// Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Ogitor Team
/// Licensed under the MIT License

This is the repository for Ogitor SceneBuilder, the WYSIWYG scene editing environment for OGRE (

Note: Ogitor now depends on Ogre 1.9!

The directories "RunPath/Media" and "RunPath/Projects" are now available as a separate download.

Running OGITOR

To be able to run Ogitor, you will need the archive downloaded and extracted into the OGITOR "RunPath" folder. The archive is optional but advised, since it offers a sample scene to get you started. Both archives can be downloaded under the following links:

Building OGITOR

If you are trying to build OGITOR yourself, please download those archives and extract them to "RunPath" folder in your source (!) path before building and installing OGITOR.

Do not extract the files into the build directory, since they will get automatically get copied over and overwritten from your source directory.

The install target will copy the files over.

Recent activity

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