#30 Merged
ariscop ariscop
jacmoe jacmoe

fix build on archlinux

  1. Andrew Cook avatarAndrew Cook

${CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS} doesn't have a trailing space on my install, not sure if its supposed to or not. either way, this fixes

Comments (6)

    1. Andrew Fenn

      Didn't we remove the spaces before because of some cmake linker error? I'm sure I committed a fix for that a few months back however I've forgotten everything about it. I'm not at a computer to test this right now but I just wanted to make you guys aware of this.

      1. Jacob Moen repo owner

        I believe you're right - it's a mystery why it fails on Arch Linux.. If the problem is specific to the setup Andrew Cook is using, then we need to pinpoint the problem so that we can either work around the issue, or at least be able to solve it somehow.

      2. Jacob Moen repo owner

        I've just had a run through the history of the main CMakeLists.txt, and can't find any fix related to this. Except that you added the '-Wl' flag without initial space. Let's see what our compiler says..

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