sassystart / 02-typography / _common.sass

// This file establishes simple clean default font stacks

$font-sans: Calibri, "Myriad Pro", Tahoma, sans-serif
//$font-sans: sans-serif
$font-serifs: Georgia, serif
$font-mono: Consolas, Menlo, 'Courier New', monospace, monospace

// uncomment to integrate typekit or similar
// $font-typekit-FONTNAME: fontname
// $font-typekit-FONTNAME: fontname
// $font-sans: $font-typekit-FONTNAME, $font-sans
// $font-serifs: $font-typekit-FONTNAME, $font-serifs

$font-body: $font-sans
$font-headline: $font-serifs
$font-logo: $font-sans

// special use font stacks
// ampersands
$font-amp: $font-serifs
$font_cap: $font-sans

$body-text-line-height: 1em
$secondary-text-size: 1em
$body-text-family: $font-body

// fix this!
$column-width: 20px
$horizontal-nudge: 1px

// Main vertical rythm variables
//$base-font-size: 16px
//$base-line-height: 24px 
//$relative-font-sizing: true 

$base-font-size: 14px

 * 1. Correct text resizing oddly in IE6/7 when body font-size is set using em units
 * 2. Force vertical scrollbar in non-IE
 * 3. Prevent iOS text size adjust on device orientation change, without disabling user zoom: */
  font-size: 100%
  overflow-y: scroll
  -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%
  -ms-text-size-adjust: 100%
  -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased

/* Body --------------------------------------------------------------

/* Establish baseline rhythm */
 * from compass/typography/_vertical_rhythm

  font-family: $font-body
  color: $base-color
  background: $background-color

/* Selected Text --------------------------------------------------------------*/
/* -moz- must be declared separately

  // "+accessible-color" located in 'kit_partials/mixins/_helpers.sass'
  background: $alt-color
  text-shadow: none

  // "+accessible-color" located in 'kit_partials/mixins/_helpers.sass'
  background: $alt-color
  text-shadow: none
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