twogregui / include / TwDirect3D9.h

//  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
//  @file       TwDirect3D9.h
//  @brief      Direct3D9 graph functions
//  @author     Philippe Decaudin -
//  @license    This file is part of the AntTweakBar library.
//              For conditions of distribution and use, see License.txt
//  note:       Private header
//  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


#include "TwGraph.h"

//  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

class CTwGraphDirect3D9 : public ITwGraph
    virtual int                 Init();
    virtual int                 Shut();
    virtual void                BeginDraw(int _WndWidth, int _WndHeight);
    virtual void                EndDraw();
    virtual bool                IsDrawing();
    virtual void                Restore();
    virtual void                DrawLine(int _X0, int _Y0, int _X1, int _Y1, color32 _Color0, color32 _Color1, bool _AntiAliased=false);
    virtual void                DrawLine(int _X0, int _Y0, int _X1, int _Y1, color32 _Color, bool _AntiAliased=false) { DrawLine(_X0, _Y0, _X1, _Y1, _Color, _Color, _AntiAliased); }
    virtual void                DrawRect(int _X0, int _Y0, int _X1, int _Y1, color32 _Color00, color32 _Color10, color32 _Color01, color32 _Color11);
    virtual void                DrawRect(int _X0, int _Y0, int _X1, int _Y1, color32 _Color) { DrawRect(_X0, _Y0, _X1, _Y1, _Color, _Color, _Color, _Color); }
    virtual void                DrawTriangles(int _NumTriangles, int *_Vertices, color32 *_Colors, Cull _CullMode);

    virtual void *              NewTextObj();
    virtual void                DeleteTextObj(void *_TextObj);
    virtual void                BuildText(void *_TextObj, const std::string *_TextLines, color32 *_LineColors, color32 *_LineBgColors, int _NbLines, const CTexFont *_Font, int _Sep, int _BgWidth);
    virtual void                DrawText(void *_TextObj, int _X, int _Y, color32 _Color, color32 _BgColor);

    virtual void                ChangeViewport(int _X0, int _Y0, int _Width, int _Height, int _OffsetX, int _OffsetY);
    virtual void                RestoreViewport();
    virtual void                SetScissor(int _X0, int _Y0, int _Width, int _Height);

    struct IDirect3DDevice9 *   m_D3DDev;
    bool                        m_Drawing;
    const CTexFont *            m_FontTex;
    struct IDirect3DTexture9 *  m_FontD3DTex;
    bool                        m_PureDevice;
    int                         m_WndWidth;
    int                         m_WndHeight;
    void *                      m_ViewportInit;
    int                         m_OffsetX;
    int                         m_OffsetY;

    struct CTextVtx
        float                   m_Pos[4];
        color32                 m_Color;
        float                   m_UV[2];
    struct CBgVtx
        float                   m_Pos[4];
        color32                 m_Color;

    struct CTextObj
        std::vector<CTextVtx>   m_TextVerts;
        std::vector<CBgVtx>     m_BgVerts;
        bool                    m_LineColors;
        bool                    m_LineBgColors;

    struct CTriVtx
        float m_Pos[4];
        DWORD m_Color;
    std::vector<CTriVtx>        m_TriVertices;

    struct CState *             m_State;

//  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

#endif // !defined ANT_TW_DIRECT3D9_INCLUDED
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