FLAKit is an asset management library for Actionscript 3 with live reloading and automatic asset class generation.


Dynamic assets are loaded asynchronously, so a callback function is required.

public class Main extends Sprite
    public static var library:Library;

    public function Main()
        addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, initLibrary);

    public function initLibrary(e:Event):void
        library = new Library("../lib", Library.DynamicMode, init);

    public function init():void 
        //  Entry point
        library.onLoadComplete = ...; // reset this if you want; it'll run every time assets are reloaded.

Embedded assets are available instantly, but a callback can still be supplied to run after EmbeddedAssets are loaded.

library = new Library("../lib", Library.EmbedMode, init);
library.loadEmbedded(new EmbeddedAssets());

In the lib/ folder in the FLAKit repository, grab LibraryBuilder.exe and put it in your assets folder. Make sure to pass the appropriate path to the Library constructor. You'll need to run LibraryBuilder every time you add a new asset. Library.xml should stay in your assets folder, while EmbeddedAssets.as should be moved alongside your document class. LibraryBuilder.exe can be called with switches to customize the output folders for each file.

Retrieving assets

var b:Bitmap = library.getImage("folder/image.png");
var x:XML = library.getXML("doc.xml");
var s:Sound = library.getSound("music.mp3");


Copyright (c) 2011, Jacob Albano (http://www.thaumaturgistgames.com/flakit)

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