Needed Audio

Chris Logsdon avatarChris Logsdon created an issue

Many of the sound effects are optional. Feel free to claim or cut any of them.


  • Ending
  • (Game Over screen-ON HOLD)


  • Boss (?)

Comments (22)

  1. Jake Albano
    • changed status to open

    That sounds awesome! I'm not good at communicating how I think music should sound...even if I can hear it in my head I can't turn that into words. This sounds perfect though.

  2. Chris Logsdon

    Idea for the Hellther music: no music. Just some freaky ambiance. I don't know how to explain what I hear in my head, other than like... low "rumbling". The point is, there wouldn't really be any music, but there would be freaky noises. I'm thinking of making the demons all scream when you're in their line of sight.

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