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Jake Albano
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One of the classic rogue skills is the use of traps. I'm assuming you know what these are, but just in case:

It would fit the whole ninja feel that the rogue has.

I'm suggesting this as a secondary attack for the rogue, in place of the alternating melee strikes. Once dropped, a caltrap would remain on the ground and just wait for an enemy to run over it. Could be useful for finishing off an opponent if he starts to flee.

What do you think?

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  1. Chris Logsdon

    Sounds cool. If I'm understanding it right, they'd need some sort of pathfinding capabilities, right? Unless you just wanted them to appear at the targeted point. That seems a little tacky, though.

  2. Jake Albano reporter

    Ah, and here is the brilliant part: Whenever you see this in a game it's actually a stream of particles that have the same physical behavior as the projectile that would follow the path.

  3. Chris Logsdon

    By the way, I made a caltrop image that I pushed a few commits ago. It may be too big. It's tough to make something so small (< 10px) look like much of anything :P Let me know what changes it needs to be more to your liking.

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