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Issue #12 resolved
Chris Logsdon created an issue

I was thinking about what the Fighter's special ability could be, and as you know, I've mentioned a shield before. I believe I've thought of a way to make it work pretty well.

He would only be able to have it out for a certain amount of time, and it would severely limit his mobility while it's out. If a solid projectile hits it, it'd bounce off the shield. If a fireball hits it, it'd just burn out on it. If a sword or other melee weapon hits it, it'd just block that attack.

So again, it could only be out for a short time. Somewhere very near one second. There would also be a cooldown time (maybe 3 seconds).
This would force you to use it strategically and quickly to get a counter attack in while the enemy is "stunned" from the recoil of the block.

What do you think?

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  1. Jake Albano repo owner

    Never responded to this. D:

    This sounds like a good corresponding feature to the Mage's ice bolt. I like the idea of having it slow him down while providing complete protection; maybe a good addition would be that he can't jump and block at the same time?

  2. Chris Logsdon reporter

    That sounds good. It would only provide full frontal protection. Would he be able to jump, then pull out the shield mid-air? Or can he only pull it out if he is standing still?

    I think the animation I'll make for it will be like... a shield appears on the arm facing the user, then he pulls it in front of him. I don't think I'll bother making it appear on only one literal arm :P

  3. Jake Albano repo owner

    Right, of course. It would be silly if the shield were to protect him from all sides.

    I was thinking he just couldn't jump while shielding, but I'm having second thoughts...jumping is the only way to escape if you have enemies on either side of you. Maybe it's best to scrap that idea.

  4. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Hmm. Good point. Then I suppose we should allow the shield at any time, but of course still have the frequency restrictions.

  5. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Alright so the animation and implementation of the animation is in place. Now we have to figure out exactly how it will work.

    • How much will it slow the player down?
    • How long should it be out?
    • Should it deflect projectiles or just destroy them?
    • What directional movements should be disallowed (if any) while out?
  6. Chris Logsdon reporter

    This works quite well right now. We can make adjustments, but they would only be minor one.

    Check! :D

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