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Chris Logsdon
created an issue

At it's most basic, I was thinking it would work this way...

(1) Hold down 'A' key, guy pulls out bow with arrow ready and string pulled back.

(2) While holding down 'A', direct aiming with straight up/down, straight left/right, or diagonal up/down

(3) Let go of 'A' to shoot arrow. Arrow will travel in a physically realistic path determined by angle of shot.

Maybe the player could have a certain amount of time where he could fetch his arrows before they disappear. Also, if there is a way to get a more precise aiming, that'd be ideal. With the above mentioned method, the player would only be able to control the shot by one of 8 aiming directions, and by jumping (shooting mid jump).

Ammo would be quite restricted.


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  1. Jake Albano repo owner

    Have you played the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King video game? It's quite possibly the only good LotR video game. The way they handle ranged attacks in that game is pretty cool; when you initiate a ranged attack you automatically aim at the nearest target, and you can switch targets by moving the mouse or direction keys in the direction of the enemy you want to hit.

    I think something like this would possibly fit a platformer better than 8-direction aiming. What do you think?

  2. Jake Albano repo owner

    Well, if an arrow hits a wall it obviously won't hit the enemy, but it could have a bit of auto-aim to guarantee a hit as long as the enemy doesn't make any drastic change. The arcing trajectory would be calculated automatically to compensate for drop.

    I'll install RotK on my laptop and bring it on Thursday so you can see how it works.

  3. Chris Logsdon reporter

    I like that idea. And since they will have limited ammo, it won't necessarily be "cheap".

    Let's do it. I don't know how to calculate the motion of it at all though, so maybe you would be better fit to do this one. I definitely want to learn how to though.

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