Issue #16 resolved
Chris Logsdon
created an issue

So yeah, we still don't have a real name for this :P I haven't even thought about it honestly. I feel like it'd be easier to think of one once we can physically see the different levels and such, and once there is some sort of a story in place.

We can toss ideas back and forth here.

Just throwing it out there, please nothing dreadful like "Dungeon Fighter". If we were going to do something like that, we may as well just call it "Fantasy Hack and Slash Platformer". Lots of time and thought and creativity has gone into this, and it deserves something meaningful. Not saying that you would suggest anything like that, though :P

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  1. Jake Albano repo owner

    Hmm...sounds cool, but it's not the kind of name that people are likely to remember. The easiest mistake to make in a fantasy game is to come up with a cool fantasy-style name that doesn't stick in your mind. I think a single-word name is a good fit, but it should probably be in English.

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