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Chris Logsdon created an issue

Let's discuss/organize how things will flow here in some good detail. So far, this is what we have for sure:

  • Beach: Shipwrecked, no armor or weapons, just basic clothes. Menacing, evil, and active tower in the distance. Must be portrayed as the obvious cause of your shipwreck. You will search (somehow, somewhere) for chests/crates that are toppled over and broken, with contents strewn about. You will somehow choose your class through this. Somehow this will transfer into the forest.

  • Forest: Not much figured out here. Perhaps somehow you could come across a frightened and dormant village, with windows and doors boarded up. This would need to give off a very unsettling aura of significant fear and anxiety. The tower will be visible in the distance in at least one scene from the forest sequence. Somehow this will transfer to the castle.

  • Castle: Fancy, elegant, gilded. Perhaps a deceptively warm and inviting atmosphere. Perhaps this could be a place where the story takes an unexpected turn, where our player thinks things may not be so bad after all, but somehow he ends up in the....

  • Dungeon: Dark and lonely. Skeletons hanging from chains and strewn about. Jail cells, spiderwebs, bats. Perhaps this could be a totally dark area, and the player needs to find a lantern to light an area around him? Somewhere there would be a trapdoor or a fault of sorts in the floor, and the player finds himself falling into the...

  • "Hellther": Not much decided here other than lava. Somehow the boss fight would have to occur. Perhaps there could be one more scene after this Hellther sequence, where the REAL boss fight happens. Then there could be a lesser boss fight beforehand in the Hellther.

  • Ending: Could be nothing more than an epic and glorious story being written out on-screen, or could be something more rewarding to the player. Perhaps allow the player to wander the world after winning. I always like it when games do that.

So somewhere within all of this, we need to figure out where to place the options of turning back and continuing on your original journey. We also should discuss types of enemies, specific decals, specific events, and music for each sequence.

Everything is up for debate and discussion.

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