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Issue #25 resolved

Needed Graphics

Chris Logsdon
created an issue
  • //(Skeleton on chains falling--ON HOLD)//
  • //(Portals away--ON HOLD)//

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  1. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Let me say that, at this point, we have enough enemy graphics to where we could have one unique type for each sequence. If something happens to rrrrreeeeeaaaaallllyyyyy slow us down, we won't have to worry about having the necessary animations.

    The only things we're missing now that are somewhat crucial are the Game screens. If you have ideas for those, let me know.

  2. Chris Logsdon reporter

    I'm making the Boss Fight background be a balcony on the tower. A small part of the screen will be reserved for flying space, with the assumption that the boss or some of his spawns will be flying. A night sky spans the whole screen behind the tower/balcony.

  3. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Sure! Dopplegangers are just about done as well. Graphics that is... will they be implemented the same way as other enemies, but with different behavior flags?

  4. Chris Logsdon reporter

    I'll get started on the boss. I have an idea for how he could look. I'm going to give him a ranged and melee attack animation. That okay? I imagine he'll be a specifically programmed enemy.

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