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Issue #29 resolved
Chris Logsdon created an issue

All tasks have been resolved! :D

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  1. Jake Albano repo owner

    I reproduced the bug regarding the guard "multiplying". It's not actually the case...what's happening is that when the guard is in flee mode and the player has him backed up against a wall, the AI freaks out and changes direction every frame. I'll fix this behavior, but I'm going to remove it from the issues because it isn't really a bug.

  2. Jake Albano repo owner

    I've confirmed the bug where you get pushed through walls. It occurs when you land on top of an enemy when they're almost touching the wall. Skeletons are too tall to jump over, though, so I don't know how that particular case happened.

  3. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Perhaps I just have a broken version, but I played through Ifrit today, and came across several major bugs. Some of these we may have decided to let be. If so, please do remind me :P

    • After a certain point, the pickup sound effect stopped playing.
    • Some enemies stopped attacking when I was all up in their grill
    • I was playing as a Mage the first time through, and on tower_01, the wall that blocks your way until the switch is flipped, never removed its collision hull, even after hitting the switch.
    • Two platforms in the top right of tower_01 had no collision (this was not the case when playing as a Rogue, but was as a Mage)
    • In tower_03, platform collision seemed to be weird. One enemy was spazzing, standing still, and some others were jumpy as they moved along.
    • On levels where the top right corner of a vertical platform connects to the bottom left corner of a horizontal platform, enemies will walk off the edge of the horizontal one.
    • On dunegon_03, on the left side, when you have to try to jump over the pit, I was able to glitch through the bottom left corner of the pit, bringing me down to ground level.
    • On hellther_02, the first snake you encounter got stuck on the right edge of his platform
    • If moving when "falling" into next zone, you spawn in the next one in strange locations.
  4. Jake Albano repo owner

    (Reply via

    I wonder if the wrong platform is getting removed in tower_01 when playing as the Mage. It would explain why the gate collision is still there while the upper platforms are not colliding.

    A good number of those bugs are probably to do with the new enemy code. I recognize the one where the enemies would be jumpy as they move, although that's probably in the physics engine since that can also happen with the player.

    Good catch on the bug with vertical platforms. My platform check code doesn't factor in rotation.

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