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Jake Albano
repo owner created an issue

HUD should contain information regarding health and mana/missiles.

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  1. Chris Logsdon

    This will depend on what screen size we use... which will depend on whether or not we choose to do screen scrolling...

    Perhaps this could be done purely with code. We could draw an empty rectangle with another smaller one inside, and use change the smaller one's width as necessary.

  2. Chris Logsdon

    I need to figure out how to do the ammo for this.

    I was thinking of having one graphic of the ammo for each one that the player has. I want the player to be able to pick up his own shuriken/arrows as well as those that enemies may have thrown; so there would need to be enough room to add ammo beyond the player's default starting amount.

    All of the player classes will need a slightly different kind of HUD...

    • Mage: mana and energy
    • Rogue: shuriken ammo and caltrop ammo
    • Fighter: arrow ammo (and an energy bar indicating when they can pull out their shield again?)

    I'm not sure how to do this, and I'd like to know how you think it should be done.

    • Make 3 separate full HUD graphics (mageHUD.png, etc)?
    • Make the secondary bar (mana, ammo, etc) be it's own graphic, then add it to the stage in the HUD constructor?
  3. Jake Albano reporter

    What about this:

    Have the same HUD for all the classes, with a health bar and two extra bars. Each bar has an icon next to it.

    For the mage, the icons represent ammo and energy.

    For the rogue, the icons are a miniature caltrop and shuriken. They act as ammo meters, and don't automatically refill.

    For the fighter, the icons are a bow and a shield. When you activate the shield, its bar empties all the way, and slowly recharges. You can't use the shield again until it's back to full.

    How does that sound? It would potentially save a lot of work making different graphics, and the shield indicator would be intuitive.

  4. Chris Logsdon

    I was just thinking that exact thing for the shield meter.

    This sounds good, nice ideas! I think I'll put the graphics above and below the two-meter.

    Just finished and pushed the Fighter's shielding animation as well.

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