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Chris Logsdon
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Implement Jake's Animation class. See how it performs, and how it could potentially be improved.

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  1. Jake Albano repo owner

    As long as the frames don't overlap there doesn't have to be any space between them, no.

    I think a simple walking animation of left forward -> together -> right forward -> together should do it. The standing animation will obviously only be one frame.

    Since the animation doesn't restart when you tell it to play (I think...) we should be able to just have it say something like this:

    if (Input.isKeyDown(Input.RIGHT))

    Or something similar.

  2. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Finished the first draft of the Rogue walking animation (attached).

    If you would like to implement your Animation class, feel free. Just let me know if you do because I'll work on that tomorrow if you don't.

    Each frame of the animation is 18x25 pixels. Open to suggestions/criticisms.

  3. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Finished Fighter walking animation. 18x25 per frame. I think this may be my favorite, as far as quality of work.

    I've tested all of these out using your Animation class within it's own project, and adjusted the animations as I saw fit. I have not integrated the class into Ifrit yet. I'll probably ask you about that tomorrow in class, just so I can see again and in action how to work with your Library class/FLAkit. I learn best by repetition, demonstrations, and doing things myself :P

  4. Chris Logsdon reporter

    I've started on the attacking animations. I have the arm movements for the Fighter finished. There are a couple things that I am unsure about, though.

    • Should I extend the size of each frame to accommodate the size of the weapon?
    • Should the weapon be a different image/animation that is called whenever the player attacks?
    • Should the Fighter hold the sword perpendicular to his arm, or parallel? That is, should he hold it like he's clenching it in a fist, or like he is pointing it at something?

    The reason I ask the last question, is because it may affect how visually accurate the proposed "invisible, short-lifetime, projectile" system for melee appears.

  5. Jake Albano repo owner

    I think the animation class is limited to one size for all frames. That could be something to improve. With the current system, however, the frame size would have to be extended.

    Having separate images for the weapons and compositing them onto the animation would be tricky. Since this is a smallish project and modularity isn't essential I'd suggest having the weapons build into the attack animations.

    Holding the sword perpendicular to his arm would work out fine...we'll just have to make sure the projectile hits exactly when his sword is at the apex of its attack.

  6. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Finished and combined walking and attacking animations for all three classes into one image. Added them to lib folder. Finished a fireball and lightning bolt animation and added them to the lib folder.

    Implementation in progress.

  7. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Animations implemented.

    Jake, I noticed that with the walking animations, it only displays the first two frames. Is this the same issue you were having last night?

  8. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Also, an idea to fix the spazzing out when you attack while walking... perhaps an isPlaying property and stop method in your Animation class? Something like...

    if ("walk"))
  9. Jake Albano repo owner

    New bug: Animation collision detection is checked against the bounds of the animation's frame ( to see what I mean, set the animation to fighter and walk into a wall).

    I'm pretty sure this is a problem in the hitTestObject method, so I'll be looking for a workaround.

  10. Jake Albano repo owner

    As far as I can tell, we need a few more animations for each mob type:

    Death: I'd like to be able to leave corpses around instead of removing the enemies from the world.

    Shocked: This would be for when an enemy gets struck by a bolt of lightning. Some kind of x-ray effect.

    Frozen: I noticed an icicle projectile asset in the library...I'm assuming that's for the mage's offhand attack? I thought we could freeze the AI and keep him from thinking for a few seconds.

    That's all I can think of. I'm working on the problem of collision with wide frames. When these two tasks are finished, I think we can call this one finished.

  11. Chris Logsdon reporter

    The icicle was just something I was fooling around with. I do like the idea of some frozen states and possibly frozen platforms that are slippery. I suppose we could say there are 3 remaining elements that could be the close-range Mage attack.Earth (maybe a stone shoots up from the ground), Water/Ice (some icy blast. similar to this:, Wind (maybe a gale that blows the enemy back).

    I didn't even think about having corpses. I like that idea!

    That's funny you mention shocked states. I was JUST thinking about that while I was driving home a few minutes ago. We should do that.

    Just to be clear, for the Mage I was planning on...

    Ranged ('A' key): Just shoots straight. Is blocked by platforms/walls. Maybe have a lifetime? (tentatively thinking a fireball)

    Targeting System ('S' key): You know this. (lightning bolt)

    Close-range ('D' key): Doesn't necessarily "shoot". Just one key press. A range about the same as the Fighter's sword swing, maybe a little longer.

  12. Jake Albano repo owner

    This is a bit offtopic, but...

    Is it safe to say that each character class will have Ranged/Special/Melee attacks? Where the special attack would be lightning for the mage, caltraps for the rogue, and...something else for the fighter? Or were you planning on adding more buttons to the inputs?

  13. Chris Logsdon reporter

    Nope, that was it. For the Fighter, I was considering having a shield... Not sure exactly how that would work, though. We can talk about that in an email or something, though.

  14. Chris Logsdon reporter

    I'm pretty sure this issue is pointless now. Necessary new animations will pop up as we come to them... There's not much to actually discuss here.

    What do you think? remove?

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