Luatable is a small library that aids in the usage of Lua as a data description language.

It supports only the very basics of the Lua language. No extra libraries are loaded during the state initialization, which means no messing around with os.system().


Luatable's API is designed to be very intuitive.

Creating a table from C++

Luatable::Value table;
//    Automatic type deduction with implicit constructors
table["number"] = 42;
table["string"] = "I'm a string!";
table["nested"]["boolean"] = false;
//    Array creation via initializer lists
table["array"] = {"foo", false, 13.37, {"nested"} };

This code produces the following Lua code:

array = {
nested = {
    boolean = false
number = 42
string = "I'm a string!"

Loading a file, displaying it, and saving it again

Luatable::Value document;

std::cout << document;


Type conversion and lexical casting

Luatable::Value val = "100";
int oneHundred = val.asInt();


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