This RichText class aims to fix problems present in existing implementations; namely issues with spacing and lack of support for newlines. It also places an emphasis on data rather than code; currently it uses a minimal markup syntax instead of using C++ streams.


Please see the included example program for usage. The API is nearly a direct copy of sf::Text, and RichText instances can be used in the same way as any other Drawable class.


Bold text is denoted by surrounding a string with asterisks: *like this*.

Italic text is denoted by surrounding a string with tildes: ~like this~.

Underlined text is denoted by surrounding a string with underscores: _like this_.

Text color is set with the hash character (#) followed by a hex code or color name. The tag runs until the next whitespace character. Both of these forms are equivalant: #red ,#ff0000 .

Please see source.txt for a demonstration of all markup features.


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