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Demo Webapp Tutorial

Getting started is pretty easy. The first thing to do is copy config-template.cfg to somewhere on your filesystem:

$ cp config-template.cfg /path/to/your/configs/sphinxdemo.cfg

Then you'll need to edit the configuration files with the correct values for your configuration. When you're done the file should look something like this:

DEBUG = True

SOURCE_DIR = '/path/to/rst/sources'
BUILD_DIR = '/path/to/build/directory'
DATABASE_URI = 'sqlite:////path/to/sqlite/db'
SECRET_KEY = 'Your secret key'
SEARCH = 'xapian'

Then you'll need to set an environment variable pointing to your configurate file. On Linux you can set the environment variable with this command:

$ export SPHINXDEMO_SETTINGS=/path/to/your/configs/sphinxdemo.cfg

Once this is done you're ready to build the documentation. Inside the sphinx-demo-webapp directory execute this command:

$ python build.py

This will build the documentation, and copy the static files from the build directory to the webapp's static directory. You're then ready to start the development server:

$ python runserver.py

Now you can open up your browser and go to to view the documentation.


If the documentation you built uses another file for the table of contents replace contents with that filename.