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Search Adapters

To create a custom search adapter you will need to subclass the :class:`~BaseSearch` class. Then create an instance of the new class and pass that as the search keyword argument when you create the :class:`~sphinx.websupport.WebSupport` object:

support = Websupport(srcdir=srcdir,

For more information about creating a custom search adapter, please see the documentation of the :class:`BaseSearch` class below.

Defines an interface for search adapters.

BaseSearch Methods

The following methods are defined in the BaseSearch class. Some methods do not need to be overridden, but some ( :meth:`~sphinx.websupport.search.BaseSearch.add_document` and :meth:`~sphinx.websupport.search.BaseSearch.handle_query`) must be overridden in your subclass. For a working example, look at the built-in adapter for whoosh.