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Roland Meister  committed 18838ca

Disable VisibleLinksTransform because it may leak into the HTML generation.

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 class VisibleLinksTransform(Transform):
-    Add the link target of referances to the text, unless it is already
+    Add the link target of references to the text, unless it is already
     present in the description.
         # the output files for epub must be .html only
         self.out_suffix = '.html'
         self.playorder = 0
-        self.app.add_transform(VisibleLinksTransform)
+        # Disable transform until the issue with cached doctrees is solved.
+        # Building the html file after the epub file shows the
+        # visible links also in the HTML output.
+        #self.app.add_transform(VisibleLinksTransform)
     def get_theme_config(self):
         return self.config.epub_theme, {}