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 The class loader makes use of so-called rootmap files, which ``genreflex``
 can produce.
 These files contain the list of available C++ classes and specify the library
-that needs to be loaded for their use.
+that needs to be loaded for their use (as an aside, this listing allows for a
+cross-check to see whether reflection info is generated for all classes that
+you expect).
 By convention, the rootmap files should be located next to the reflection info
 libraries, so that they can be found through the normal shared library search
 With the aid of a selection file, a large project can be easily managed:
 simply ``#include`` all relevant headers into a single header file that is
 handed to ``genreflex``.
+In fact, if you hand multiple header files to ``genreflex``, then a selection
+file is almost obligatory: without it, only classes from the last header will
+be selected.
 Then, apply a selection file to pick up all the relevant classes.
 For our purposes, the following rather straightforward selection will do
 (the name ``lcgdict`` for the root is historical, but required)::
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