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TODO list for 2.7.0

You can find the results of the most recent buildbot run at:

Probably easy tasks

- New complex syntax (see test_complex.py)::

      assert complex("(1+2j)") == (1+2j)
      assert complex("(1-2j)") == (1-2j)
      assert complex("1e500") == complex(INF, 0.0)

- (unicode|bytearray).(index|find) should accept None as indices (see

- Fix fcntl.fcntl(fd, fcntl.F_NOTIFY, fcntl.DN_MULTISHOT) on 32bit platform.

- missing functions in itertools: combinations, product...

- in test_os.py, fix posix.setregid(-1, -1), posix.setreuid(-1, -1).  This
  proably requires to use the git_t typedef instead of rffi.INT.

- missing posix.(confstr|pathconf|fpathconf)(_names)? (see 

- remove code duplication: bit_length() and _count_bits() in rlib/rbigint.py,
  objspace/std/longobject.py and objspace/std/longtype.py.

- Add missing methods to bytearray (see test_bytes.py).  Also ideally refactor
  stringobject.py and unicodeobject.py to allow more code reuse between these
  (now) three types.

Medium tasks

- Ast objects should be picklable, see in pypy/module/_ast/test/test_ast.py:

- add 'unicode' in ObjSpace.MethodTable + probably a default implementation that
  falls back to space.str(). (WHY?)

- socket module has a couple of changes (including AF_TIPC packet range)

- implement _io.open() (currently it delegates to _pyio.open)

- module/unicodedata/generate_unicodedb.py should parse LineBreaks.txt
  see http://svn.python.org/view?view=rev&revision=79494

Longer tasks

- many features are missing from the _ssl module

- "Shorter float representation" (see pypy/translator/c/test/test_dtoa.py) to
  format/parse floats.  Enable this with a translation option.

- Fix usage of __cmp__ in subclasses::

    class badint(int):
        def __cmp__(self, other):
            raise RuntimeError
    raises(RuntimeError, cmp, 0, badint(1))

- Fix comparison of objects layout: if two classes have the same __slots__, it
  should be possible to change the instances __class__::

      class A(object): __slots__ = ('a', 'b')
      class B(object): __slots__ = ('b', 'a')
      a = A()
      a.__class__ = B

- Remove "unbound builtin methods": some code in pprint.py, _threading_local.py
  relies on comparisons like "str.__init__ is object.__init__", or
  "type(x).__repr__ is dict.__repr__"

- Show a ResourceWarning when a file/socket is not explicitely closed, like
  CPython did for 3.2: http://svn.python.org/view?view=rev&revision=85920
  in PyPy this should be enabled by default

Won't do for this release

Note: when you give up with a missing feature, please mention it here, as well
as the various skips added to the test suite.

- py3k warnings

  * the -3 flag is accepted on the command line, but displays a warning (see

- CJK codecs.

  * In `./conftest.py`, skipped all `test_codecencodings_*.py` and

  * In test_codecs, commented out various items in `all_unicode_encodings`.