basketball-ftl / tasls.txt

1. a loader, fix sound files and reduce sound size
2!. find a way to fix collision, give less missed good shots
3. figure out why 'direct' is so rare
after score collision is ruining all the direct shot fun, figure out a way to solve this
maybe redesign the basket 

4. detailed background, player sprite overhaul
5!. give basket a bigger rebound fraction so it is more easy to score
6. add more trick types, enchance tricks parsing and score calculates
7. fix alley oop velocity, now it is quite weird. also fix alley oop lines, when doing a high shot the lines are hard to see, try to interpolate more points
8. reduce ball size to see if it would looks better

1!. sometimes the prediction line would disappear, this is pretty bad
2. the ball is actually not rolled...