Ronald Oussoren avatar Ronald Oussoren committed a356214

AppKit.NSViewFrameDidChangeNotification had disappeared due to a buglet in
the CodeGenerator scripts.

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 import unittest
 import AppKit
+import objc
 class ContantTest (unittest.TestCase):
     def testNSAnyEventMask(self):
         self.assert_(AppKit.NSAnyEventMask > 0)
+    def testNSViewFrameDidChangeNotification(self):
+        self.assert_(hasattr(AppKit, 'NSViewFrameDidChangeNotification'))
+        self.assert_(isinstance(AppKit.NSViewFrameDidChangeNotification, objc.pyobjc_unicode))
 if __name__ == "__main__":


 ON_OSX= (sys.platform == "darwin")
 def entry(fp, val, ignore):
     vals = val.split(',')
             if ln.strip().startswith('}'):
                 struct_level -= 1
-        if ln.strip().startswith('struct '):
+        if ln.strip().startswith('struct ') and ln.strip().endswith('{'):
             struct_level += 1
         if struct_level:
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