Ronald Oussoren committed bcf3022

Ensure that copy.copy(someArray) returns a mutable array

We cannot reliably detect if a given instance of NSArray is mutable or not,
therefore always returning an NSMutableArray from copy.copy gives a better
user experience.

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+def __copy__(self):
+    if hasattr(self, 'mutableCopy'):
+        return self.mutableCopyWithZone_(None)
+    return self.copyWithZone_(None)
 CONVENIENCE_METHODS[b'copyWithZone:'] = (
-    ('__copy__', lambda self: self.copyWithZone_(None)),
+    ('__copy__', __copy__),
 # This won't work:


         self.assertIsInstance(a, NSMutableArray)
         b = copy.copy(a)
-	b.append('d')
         self.assertIsInstance(b, NSMutableArray)
         self.assertEqual(list(a), list(b))
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