Ronald Oussoren committed dcc9635

Hide Object, Protocol and List in loadBundle. These classes have been
deprecated way, way back (when Cocoa was still named OpenStep) and
shouldn't be used in real code.

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 		PyObject* item;
 		PyObject* mod;
 		Class     cls;
+		char*  nm;
 		item = PyTuple_GET_ITEM(class_list, i);
 		if (item == NULL) {
 				return NULL;
+		nm = ((PyTypeObject*)item)->tp_name;
-		if (((PyTypeObject*)item)->tp_name[0] == '%') {
+		if (nm[0] == '%') {
 			/* skip, posed-as type */
+		} else if (strcmp(nm, "Object") == 0 
+				|| strcmp(nm, "List") == 0
+				|| strcmp(nm, "Protocol") == 0) {
+			/* skip, classes that we're depricated in OpenStep */
 		} else if (PyDict_SetItemString(module_globals, 
 				((PyTypeObject*)item)->tp_name, item) == -1) {
 			Py_DECREF(module_key); module_key = NULL;
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