Antonio Cuni avatar Antonio Cuni committed 0529e78

kill old commented out code which comes from the old version of ctypes

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         self._FuncPtr = _FuncPtr
         if handle is None:
-            #self._handle = _dlopen(self._name, mode)
             self._handle = _ffi.CDLL(name)
             self._handle = handle


         result = self._call_funcptr(funcptr, *newargs)
         result = self._do_errcheck(result, args)
-        #return result
         if not outargs:
             return result
         if len(outargs) == 1:
             result = funcptr(*newargs)
-            ## resbuffer = funcptr(*[arg._get_buffer_for_param()._buffer
-            ##                       for arg in args])
             if self._flags_ & _rawffi.FUNCFLAG_USE_ERRNO:
         cdll = self.dll._handle
-            #return cdll.ptr(, argshapes, resshape, self._flags_)
             ffi_argtypes = [argtype.get_ffi_argtype() for argtype in argtypes]
             ffi_restype = restype.get_ffi_argtype()
             self._ptr = cdll.getfunc(, ffi_argtypes, ffi_restype)
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