Dog and Bone are friends / src / net / dai5ychain / dogandbone /

package net.dai5ychain.dogandbone {
    import org.flixel.*;
    public class HudLayer extends FlxLayer {
        public var help_text:FlxText;
        public var mute_text:FlxText;        

        private var _width:uint;
        private var _height:uint;
        public function HudLayer():void {
            scrollFactor.x = 0;
            scrollFactor.y = 0;

            _width = FlxG.width;
            _height = 32;

            x = 0;
            y = (FlxG.height - _height);

            var background_block:ColorBlock = new ColorBlock(0x000000, x, y, _width, _height)
            help_text = new FlxText(10,10,_width,"");
            help_text.setFormat("", 12);
            add(help_text, true);

            mute_text = new FlxText(500,10,140,"");
            mute_text.setFormat("", 12, 0xffaaaaaa);
            add(mute_text, true);
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