Project Key Description
Cloud and DevOps CLOUD Covers Microsoft AZURE, AWS and Google Cloud. Deploy the Web application developed in Cloud in 2 days.
Database SQL FREE - Learn SQL In 3 Days without Trainers. Save your valuable Time and Money.
FrontEnd Technologies UI FREE - Covers HTML5, CSS, JQuery and Javascript. Develop UI for Magnus Application in 6 Days. Of course without Trainers.
Language Basics LAN FREE - Covers Core Java, C#, and Python. You can learn Programming language in 10 days on your own.
Manual Testing QA Learn Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Logging defects in JIRA, Agile Process in less than 5 Days, And everything Practically.
REST API RAPI Develop RESTful APIs and host them on the server in AWS in 3 Days.
RestAssured RES RESTful API Testing Automation Framework
RPA-Tools RPAUI Learn UI Path and automate 7 real world Processes in 12 Days.
Selenium SEL Develop Selenium Page Object Model Framework from Scratch in 9 days.
Unit Testing UT Write Unit Test Cases / White Box Testing using JUnit / NUnit / PUnit in 3 days. Code and Test the APIs.
Web Development WEB Develop the Web Application in 10 Days using Spring Boot, Hibernate / JPA, MySQL, and RESTful API.