MontyLingua-Doc / LICENSE

This software (MontyLingua3) is a fork of the original MontyLingua
project since that project
is not under active development.

This copy of MontyLingua was licensed to me (Srinivasan R) under GNU
GPL for non-commercial, non-proprietary usage and was downloaded from 

Since now I am having a GPLed copy of the software, I have all
rights to copy, modify and redistribute it under GNU GPL.

This copy of the software now is released purely under GNU GPL and 
anyone can use this for any purposes (commercial/non-commercial) as
long as they follow the GNU General Public License as mentioned in A copy of the license can be
found in COPYING.

Please note that the original copy of MontyLingua downloadable from has restrictions on
commercial usage which requires a seperate license from the author. 

If you use this project for research, it would be nice to give credit
to the original author (Hugo Liu) and also the MontyLingua3 project.