CyclesOfPartialPermSemigroup error

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I'm getting this error.

gap> S := Semigroup(PartialPerm([2, 0]));
<commutative partial perm semigroup on 1 pts with 1 generator>
gap> CyclesOfPartialPermSemigroup(S);
Error, List Element: <list>[2] must have an assigned value in
  return IsPosInt( comp[x[1]] )
 ; on line 512 of file /Users/Wilf/Documents/GAP/pkg/semigroups/gap/semipperm.\
gi called from 
lookfunc( o, yy 
 ) on line 762 of file /Users/Wilf/Documents/GAP/pkg/orb/gap/ called \
Enumerate( o, infinity 
 ) on line 1044 of file /Users/Wilf/Documents/GAP/pkg/orb/gap/ called\
Enumerate( o 
 ); on line 527 of file /Users/Wilf/Documents/GAP/pkg/semigroups/gap/semipperm\
.gi called from
<function "unknown">( <arguments> )

My guess is it's because the degree and codegree of this semigroup don't match, but it's possibly assumed that they do.

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