Problem triggered by IsMonogenicSemigroup

Issue #57 resolved
James Mitchell
repo owner created an issue
gap> S:=Semigroup(ReadGenerators("pairs-trans-5.gz", 12470));
<transformation semigroup on 4 pts with 2 generators>
gap> Size(S);
gap> IsMonogenicSemigroup(S);
Error, List Element: <list>[5] must have an assigned value in
  return RhoInverse( o!.parent )( o[scc[1]], f ); called from 
inv( f ) called from
trace( i ); called from
RhoOrbMults( RhoOrb( d ), RhoOrbSCCIndex( d ) ) called from
GreensRClasses( d ) called from
Enumerator( D ) called from
...  at line 5 of *stdin*
you can 'return;' after assigning a value

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