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Issue Bucket / Home

You can grab a copy from the iTunes store

Instructions for use

Adding a repository

To add a repository simply press on the add button on the top right, then enter the repository name and then the name of the user that owns the repository.

Accessing a private repository

To access a repository that is marked as private go to your iOS device “Settings” (The 2 cogs on the home screen) then scroll down until you see Issue Bucket. Press on it and enter your BitBucket username and password. Once you have done this you will now have access to all the repositories you have permissions for.



View the changesets of a project, get information on the committer, commit date and commit message. Drill down into the actual changed files.


View all the issues recorded in your repositories issues tab. See submitter, date and the submitters message. This feature is currently waiting on BitBucket to improve the API surrounding the issues, hopeful new features will be seeing the comments made, status and being able to order them in either issue number or modify date.

Release History

Version 1.5

  1. View the source of a repository
  2. Improvements to issue viewer in anticipation of API improvements…

Version 1.4

  1. Automagic adding of your repositories on first start
  2. Better first start
  3. Fixed syntax highlighting
  4. The usual small improvements to graphics, performance and other things complex

Version 1.3

  1. Added a file viewer for looking at the files in a changeset, with added syntax highlighting.
  2. Improved performance
  3. Added new improved feedback when something doesn't work quite as it should

Upcoming features

Version 1.x

  1. Adding issues from the app
  2. Create repos
  3. Other awesome features you want - just let me know!