Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Nate Coraor avatarNate Coraor
Bump version to 0.7.2
sontek avatarsontek
Change raised exceptions from strings to ValueErrors
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
tagget final bnmapper version
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
Added tag bnMapper freeze for changeset 83b6d153f889
Default avatar gertidenas
bnMapper documentation
bnMapper freeze
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
bnMapper was ignoring peaks it should have not
Comments 1
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor fix chromosome name for 2bit access
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor Variant of that fetches reference sequence data from twoBit format files
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
bpt_file: fix a bug recursing into the BPT, only encountered for files with large numbers of keys (e.g. scaffolds)
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Moving util from ESPERR
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Don't fail on missing lzo unless actually used
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Run everything through Cython 0.18. Fixed a bug in BinnedBitset when the size is larger than the max size, all tests passing
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Updating to latest
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Default avatar eivindgl
fixed BinnedBitSet memory leak
mruffalo avatarmruffalo remove functools.total_ordering call
mruffalo avatarmruffalo remove __future__.generators import
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
BED4 output (bnMapper) had a problem
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
progress message / chromosome
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
check cached chains are up to date and int chain score
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
fixed small bugs and added options
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
fixed issue with peaks spanning multiple chains
olgert denas avatarolgert denas
scripts for chain to EPO (.out) conversion and feature mapping
jsilter avatarjsilter
Alter bbi_file.pyx ZoomLevel._summary_blocks_in_region to be slightly more efficient. Should skip reading data when chrom_id doesn't match equery
mruffalo avatarmruffalo
If Python 3, use 2to3 distutils builder instead
mruffalo avatarmruffalo fix one cmp call, add TODO to another
mruffalo avatarmruffalo
Fix more usage of old cmp function
mruffalo avatarmruffalo
phylo.newick: fix old usage of cmp, __cmp__
mruffalo avatarmruffalo
intervals/intersection.pyx: replace old 'cmp' usage
mruffalo avatarmruffalo correctly identify Python 3 as >= 2.4 for issue #35
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