bx-python / src / binBits.c

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar eivindgl
fixed BinnedBitSet memory leak
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Patch from Istvan Albert <> to fix some windows compilation
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Use static inline only. This gives the same effect in C89+GNU and C99, and compiles just fine on solaris with the sun pro compilers.
Bob Harris avatarBob Harris
changed binBitsSetRange to leave ALL_ONE bins as is; may reduce memory footprint when long ranges are set (longer than a bin)
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Added "bed_subtract_basewise" tool and fixed some bugs in and/or for
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Binned bitsets now use two sentinals, ALL_ONE for bins containing all ones and ALL_ZERO for bins containing all zeros. Boolean operations (and, or, not) implemented (with tests).
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Added tests for Bitset and BinnedBitset covering set/clear, setrange, countrange, next_set/next_clear
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Another bug fix for counting in binned bitsets
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Fixed a bug in count_range for BinnedBitset
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
C implementation of binned bitsets.
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