1. James Taylor
  2. bx-python


bx-python / scripts / maf_thread_for_species.py

#!/usr/bin/env python

Read a maf file from stdin and write out a new maf with only blocks having all of
the passed in species, after dropping any other species and removing columns 
containing only gaps. By default this will attempt to fuse together any blocks
which are adjacent after the unwanted species have been dropped. 

usage: %prog species1 species2 ... < maf 
    -n, --nofuse: Don't attempt to join blocks, just remove rows.

import psyco_full

import bx.align.maf
import copy
import sys

from bx.align.tools.thread import *
from bx.align.tools.fuse import *

from itertools import *

from bx.cookbook import doc_optparse

def main():

    options, args = doc_optparse.parse( __doc__ )

        species = args
        # Allow a comma separated list, TODO: allow a newick format tree
        if len( species ) == 1 and ',' in species[0]: species = species[0].split( ',' )
        fuse = not( bool( options.nofuse ) ) 

    maf_reader = bx.align.maf.Reader( sys.stdin )
    maf_writer = bx.align.maf.Writer( sys.stdout )

    if fuse: 
        maf_writer = FusingAlignmentWriter( maf_writer )
    for m in maf_reader:            
        new_components = get_components_for_species( m, species )	
        if new_components: 
            remove_all_gap_columns( new_components )          
            m.components = new_components
            m.score = 0.0 
            maf_writer.write( m )

if __name__ == "__main__": main()