James Taylor avatar James Taylor committed f68a93c

Small change so that seek can be called repeatedly (bug discovered in Pyrex
code yet to be checked in).

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 bzip-table : bzip-table.o micro-bunzip.o
 seek-bunzip : seek-bunzip.o micro-bunzip.o
+micro-bunzip : micro-bunzip.c
 test: bzip-table seek-bunzip
 	# Generate 10 megabytes of random data
 	dd if=/dev/random of=test_random.dat bs=1024k count=4
         /* Init the CRC for writing */
         bd->writeCRC = 0xffffffffUL;
+        /* Zero this so the current byte from before the seek is not written */
+        bd->writeCopies = 0;
         /* Decompress the block and write to stdout */
         for ( ; ; )
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