seek-bzip2 / micro-bunzip.h

#ifndef __MICRO_BUNZIP_H__
#define __MICRO_BUNZIP_H__

#include <setjmp.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>

/* ---- Duplicated from micro-bzip.c -------------------------------------- */

/* Constants for huffman coding */
#define MAX_GROUPS			6
#define GROUP_SIZE   		50		/* 64 would have been more efficient */
#define MAX_HUFCODE_BITS 	20		/* Longest huffman code allowed */
#define MAX_SYMBOLS 		258		/* 256 literals + RUNA + RUNB */
#define SYMBOL_RUNA			0
#define SYMBOL_RUNB			1

/* Status return values */
#define RETVAL_OK						0
#define RETVAL_LAST_BLOCK				(-1)
#define RETVAL_NOT_BZIP_DATA			(-2)
#define RETVAL_DATA_ERROR				(-5)
#define RETVAL_OUT_OF_MEMORY			(-6)

/* Other housekeeping constants */
#define IOBUF_SIZE			4096

// char *bunzip_errors[]={NULL,"Bad file checksum","Not bzip data",
// 		"Unexpected input EOF","Unexpected output EOF","Data error",
// 		 "Out of memory","Obsolete (pre 0.9.5) bzip format not supported."};

extern char *bunzip_errors[];

/* This is what we know about each huffman coding group */
struct group_data {
	char minLen, maxLen;

/* Structure holding all the housekeeping data, including IO buffers and
   memory that persists between calls to bunzip */
typedef struct {
	/* For I/O error handling */
	jmp_buf jmpbuf;
	/* Input stream, input buffer, input bit buffer */
	int in_fd,inbufCount,inbufPos;
	unsigned char *inbuf;
	unsigned int inbufBitCount, inbufBits;
	/* Output buffer */
	char outbuf[IOBUF_SIZE];
	int outbufPos;
	/* The CRC values stored in the block header and calculated from the data */
	unsigned int crc32Table[256],headerCRC, dataCRC, totalCRC;
	/* Intermediate buffer and its size (in bytes) */
	unsigned int *dbuf, dbufSize;
	/* State for interrupting output loop */
	int writePos,writeRun,writeCount,writeCurrent;

	/* These things are a bit too big to go on the stack */
	unsigned char selectors[32768];			/* nSelectors=15 bits */
	struct group_data groups[MAX_GROUPS];	/* huffman coding tables */
	/* Keep track of position in in_fd in bits */
    unsigned long inPosBits;
} bunzip_data;

/* ---- Forward declarations for micro-bzip.c ---------------------------- */

extern int read_bunzip_data( bunzip_data *bd );

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