James Morrison committed ae40f0e

added comment to peak to peak dataframe, on reason for excluding periods beyond 30 seconds, removed saving of peak to peak dataframe

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         wave_heights = np.absolute(differences[sub_zero_diff])
         # Bring timestamps and wave heights together into one dataframe
         wave_height_df = pd.DataFrame(wave_heights, columns=[series_name],
-                                      index = wave_height_timestamps)
+                                      index = wave_height_timestamps)                                      
         p_to_p_period_df.index = wave_height_timestamps[:-1]
         p_to_p_period_df = p_to_p_period_df/1000000000
+        # Exclude periods greater than 30 seconds as that is in excess of
+        # maximum size the moored wave buoys can record
         wave_height_df = wave_height_df.join(p_to_p_period_df)
-        p_to_p_period_df.to_pickle('p_to_p_period_df')
         # If the data is from a Datawell buoy add the original raw filename
         if error_check:
             file_names = extrema.file_name[sub_zero_diff]